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Access to remedies

IDPs who have been victims of violations of international human rights (IHRL) or humanitarian law (IHL) which caused or occurred during displacement must have full and non-discriminatory access to effective remedies and access to justice, including, where appropriate, access to existing transitional justice mechanisms, reparations and information on the causes of violations. Securing effective remedies for IHRL and IHL violations may have a major impact on prospects for durable solutions for IDPs.

Given sensitivities around certain violations, data quality and confidentiality need to be given due consideration. The applicability and relevance of the proposed indicators would also significantly depend on the context and the point in time when the data is collected.

Macro-level information on the availability and types of mechanisms (e.g. considering both formal, informal or traditional) as well as the effectiveness of mechanisms to obtain remedies and justice should be included in a durable solutions analysis.