Indicator library

The Interagency Durable Solutions Indicator Library operationalises the IASC Framework into a set of agreed-upon, measurable and statistically sound indicators that can be used for comprehensive and inclusive durable solutions analysis and monitoring. The indicators can be used for different quantitative data collection approaches, including profiling, needs assessments, programmatic assessments, displacement tracking, as well as to inform local or national level monitoring frameworks.

The Library allows you to download a tailored selection of indicators.

IASC criteria

Measuring progress towards durable solutions includes an analysis of the beolow 8 IASC criteria based on a comparison of the displaced and non-displaced populations.

Demographic profile & IDPs' perspectives on solutions

Including the demographic profile of the populations allows for a disaggregated analysis of the progress towards solutions. Indicators on IDPs’ preferences and plans for the future adds the crucial perspective of the displaced themselves.

Analysis of the wider context

An analysis of the progress towards durable solutions for IDPs based on the above quantitative indicators needs to be complemented with a macro-level analysis of e.g. relevant laws and policies, rule of law, social cohesion, livelihood opportunities, IDPs’ housing, land, and property situation, capacities of infrastructure and services. Different methods can be used here, including desk review and qualitative data collection methods.