Indicators of


Freedom from discrimination on account of displacement is part of the definition of a durable solution. However reliably collecting data on discrimination is challenging, as the topic is often sensitive, and discriminatory practices may not always be apparent. Thus, the library approaches the topic both from the perspective of two direct indicators on perceived discrimination, and a comparative analysis of effective access to rights across all relevant Modules. The direct indicators on perceived discrimination include: i. the SDG indicator on self-reported discrimination, which will allow for comparative analysis with the resident population in contexts where this indicator is reported on; and ii. a specific indicator on perceived discrimination on account of displacement.

A survey approach alone does not allow for a comprehensive analysis of the experiences of discrimination and should thus be complemented with qualitative data that can provide information on e.g. inter-community attitudes and perceptions. Analysis of discrimination should also include macro-level information on existing laws, policies and practices that may discriminate against IDPs or help advance their rights.