Indicator library

This Indicator Library contains a set of agreed-upon indicators in line with the IASC Framework on Durable Solutions for IDPs. The Library is useful for a comprehensive durable solutions analysis to inform response and measure progress towards achievement of durable solutions. Guidance on the use of these indicators for collaborative durable solutions analysis can be found here.

An analytical framework for a durable solutions analysis comprises a basic demographic profile, IDPs’ perspectives on durable solutions and the analysis of the IASC Framework’s eight durable solutions criteria. In line with this analytical framework, the Indicator Library is organised in three modules: Module A on core demographic indicators, Module B on IDPs’ future preferences and plans, and Module C:18 corresponding to the eight durable solutions criteria laid out in the IASC Framework on Durable Solutions for IDPs. These indicators are meant for collecting data directly from displaced and displacement-affected populations populations using quantitative methods. Analysis using these indicators should be complemented with macro-level information on the overall context and often also qualitative data. More recommendations for complementary data to be collected are provided in the modules.

Depending on the specificities of each displacement context, a set of prioritised indicators can be selected in collaboration with displaced communities and partners supporting durable solutions. The Library allows you to select and download the indicators that you need for a durable solutions analysis in your context. A consultative process for selecting context-specific prioritised indicators is outlined in the Durable Solutions Analysis Guide.