The Interagency Durable Solutions Indicator Library is the result of a multi-stakeholder effort to operationalise the IASC Framework on Durable Solutions to Internally Displaced Persons into a set of agreed-upon, measurable and statistically sound indicators. The Indicator Library can be used for comprehensive and inclusive durable solutions analysis and monitoring, by informing different data collection approaches and timeframes, including profiling, needs assessments, programmatic assessments, displacement tracking, as well as local or national level monitoring frameworks.

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The indicator library is accompanied by a Durable Solutions Analysis Guide, which outlines principles and steps to implement a systematic and collaborative durable solutions analysis process that includes the engagement of displaced communities. The analysis guide offers a comprehensive analytical framework for the application of the indicator library to different displacement contexts.

A question bank that translates all library indicators into question modules as well as training material for the introduction of durable solutions and solutions analysis are also provided.